I want to help fellow developers

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If you've just finished your web game or app, you're probably in full marketing mode trying to get your baby noticed. I know how hard this can be so I wanted to give a little helping hand by hosting a little advert on my blog for one month absolutely free, rather than giving the space away to adwords.

Its not going to change the world as the blog only has a small amount of traffic right now - around 30k page views/month, but every little helps.

The requirements

  • It has to be a web-game or web-app, not something on a phone - something accessible
  • Must be live right now
  • Ideally it won't require any obscure plug-ins
  • It will require an attractive 200x200 pixel icon
  • Entries can't be offensive or of a pornographic nature

You can see an example of the placement of the advert on the right where I've currently running an advert for PuzzleShare which is a game I wrote earlier in the year. Don't worry, the majority of the articles on this site are really long so your game/app wont get lost off the bottom of the page!

I'm going to be looking for around 5 good games/apps to promote in total for this experiment. Simply comment with a link to your game/app and I'll pick the best 5 to take for promotion! The winning 5 will be displayed in every article on this site for one month.

If you run a blog, I'd appreciate a mention but its not necessary.

Anyway, hope this helps some of you guys!

Until next time, have fun!

Cheers, Paul.

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About Paul Firth

A games industry veteran of ten years, seven of which spent at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, he has had key technical roles on triple-A titles like the Bafta Award Winning Little Big Planet (PSP), 24: The Game (PS2), special effects work on Heavenly Sword (PS3), some in-show graphics on the BBC’s version of Robot Wars, the TV show, as well as a few more obscure projects.   Now joint CEO of Wildbunny, he is able to give himself hiccups simply by coughing.   1NobNQ88UoYePFi5QbibuRJP3TtLhh65Jp
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5 Responses to I want to help fellow developers

  1. I am building a .Net Backend as a Service called iKnode. All of the platform’s purpose is to make it easy for .Net Web and Mobile developers to create applications, store data and schedule tasks in the cloud without knowledge about scaling, caching, configuration or deployment.

    Our main site is here: http://iknode.com

    We are live, but requiring sign ups since we have a limited number of seats. We can only support so many developers so far.

    I can send you an invite just send me an email to the email above and I’ll give you access to it right away.

  2. Henner says:

    Maybe you want to take my generative drawing tool SCRBTLE into account.
    It runs with Flash but I”m planning to release a JavaScript version. Would be nice to get some traffic on the site. Always good for motivation. 😉

  3. Doug McInnes says:

    Hi Paul,

    I just came across this post, are you still interested in doing this?
    I’ve recently released my HTML5 game, Dead Valley — it’s Top-down GTA-style Zombie Survival.

    I actually used got great use out of your “Speculative Contacts” article (and source code!) for a part of the game’s collision code.

    P.S. love your site!

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