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Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!

Firstly, I want to apologise for the poor running state of this blog recently. Our previous web-hosts were having some severe issues with their systems and it became apparent that the blog had outgrown them. So we're now up and running on a dedicated server!

Now we have a nice dedicated server curtsey of PoundHost who were the best value for money that I could find in the UK - they even gave me a little discount when I enquired. This should provide a lot of breathing room for the blog when it encounters the reddit effect from time to time, and should also support some of the upcoming projects that I've been working on.

Fingers crossed

I've tried to get everything back up and running smoothly, but these things often suffer little glitches so if you notice anything which is broken or no longer works correctly, please let me know!

In the works

If you were wondering what's next in the pipeline I can tell you that I'm working two related things simultaneously; one is a blog post with demo which describes step by step how you can accept PayPal from within your own Flash games. Of course, you will need a server in order for this to work, so to allow people who don't have a server to accept PayPal I've been working on a little product called WildPal which will allow them to do just that, with no monthly fee.

Until next time, have fun!

Cheers, Paul.

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