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Each one of the articles listed below accompanies the source-code you can purchase here, from the basics of a physics engine, through client-server remote procedure calling to full games ready for assets and levels.

Full games

Angry birds-alike

USD 49.99

Platform game engine

USD 49.99

... Or choose version to purchase

Multiplayer asteroids game engine

Personal use licence - USD 49.99

Commercial use licence - USD 199.99

Facebook game engine

USD 49.99

Asset packs

Tracker module

USD 49.99

Pixel art tileset

  • image07 Designing a retro pixel-art tile-set - Hello and welcome back to my blog! This time something a little different - I commissioned a guest post about designing a tile-set from a studio who specialise in pixel-art. After searching long and hard to find exactly the right … Continue reading

USD 9.99

Physics / Collision detection

Collision detection tutorial

  • Figure 6 Collision detection for dummies - Hello and welcome back to my blog! This article is a kind of companion article to Physics engines for dummies and talks about the act of actually detecting a collision between two shapes. This article assumes the reader has a … Continue reading

USD 5.99

Physics engine tutorial

  • Can you code this? Physics engines for dummies - Hello and welcome back to my blog! This time i'm going to talk about the basic components that make up a physics engine and how to put them together; this tutorial is aimed at programmers who have a basic grasp … Continue reading

USD 14.99

Speculative contacts engine

USD 19.99

Client-server RPC

RPC engine

USD 9.99


Isometric tutorial

USD 5.99

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  1. Lisa Girod says:

    I registered with the Wildbunny blog (and paid for all the source code) yet I have not gotten any confirmation e-mails with a password to access WordPress. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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