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I've been a professional software developer for well over 10 years. Skill set:

Web development

PHP, C#, C++, JSON, Bitcoind, Nginx, Apache, Custom HTTP servers, node.js

HTML5, JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, Flash, Silverlight

MySQL, Redis, Mongo Db

Linux, Windows

Games development

Full games, custom physics engines, collision detection, renderers across multiple platforms and hardware.


Little Big Planet PSP - lead physics engine programmer
Heavenly Sword PS3 - special effects programmer
24 The Game PS2 - lead engine programmer

I'm experienced in developing with bitcoin; I've created a tight integration with bitcoind in blockchain-reaction, which includes the generation and signing of multi-signature transactions and a custom blockchain parser layer.

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6 Responses to Hire me

  1. Sadek Nahle says:

    hello my name is Sadek , i read few articles they was really nice! and i wanted to ask u , if you could make a simple app game for ios , a game similar to Dangerous Dave . , i dont have maps or character.., i dont want 10 levels like in that game , maybe less cuz my budget is from 100$ to 300$ ..as i still a student .. , so if u can help me, i will appreciate , ur friend Sadek :)

  2. Joshua says:


    My name is Joshua I’m your friend. your game Little Big Planet was really well made. Could you create a similar game for my thesis. i don’t need much levels maybe just 10 levels cuz i don’t have a good budget but i promise to pay you 50 bucks per level. since you are a developer i think that’s more than enough for you to buy a few sandwich from mcdonalds?

    Please let me know if that make sense.


    • Paul Firth says:

      Hi Joshua

      LBP PSP alone was a 40 person project for 1 year, costing in excess of £1M to produce – the idea that any one person could reproduce even a fraction of that work for $50 is outside the realm of possibility.

      Cheers, Paul.

      • Paul says:

        Joshua, you forgot to throw in some beers and coffee. Can’t expect the dev’s engine to run without its fuel. Beginner’s mistake. Oh also, try the “it’s going to be good for your portfolio” or “we can promise you up to 5% equity.” next time, it’s a can’t-miss.

  3. Joshua says:

    That’s supposed to be a pure joke in response to Sadek’s question.

    I had much respect over your masterpiece/case studies making the top notch game development out of secrets.

    I am overly impressed by the fact LBP PSP has a team of 40/1 year, a very astonishing number and this is not a big team at all. Very good to know so I do not feel regretted for my post of ridiculousness.


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