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Welcome to my membership sign-up page! Here you can subscribe to receive every single piece of source-code I release for a low yearly fee, saving money over buying each individual download!

What do I get?


Full access to every bit of source-code I make available for download on this blog, including all past, present and future article's accompanying code. Including code from the following articles:

Physics engines for dummies (usually $14.99)
Client server communication using silverlight, JSON and PHP (usually $9.99)
Isometric coordinate systems - the modern way (usually $5.99)
Speculative contacts - a continuous collision engine approach (usually $19.99)
Collision Detection for Dummies! (usually $5.99)
How to make Angry Birds pt1 (usually $4.99)
How to make Angry Birds pt2 (usually $49.99)
How to make a 2d platform game (usually $49.99)
Designing a retro pixel-art tile-set (usually $9.99)
Composing in-game music – retro style (usually $49.99)
How to make a multi-player game - personal edition (usually $49.99)
How to make a Facebook social game (usually $49.99)

How much does it cost?

For a low yearly fee of $69.99 USD you will gain access to a growing library of useful source-code examples, instantly saving you money if you ever intend to buy more than one article.

How do I pay?

You can subscribe safely and securely using the PayPal button below:

USD 69.99 per year (auto renewing)

Thank you!

Cheers, Paul.

16 Responses to Membership sign-up page

  1. ?eref Denizcan Özdemir says:

    we bought your angry birds part-1 tutorial but we didn’t get any code or website link.

  2. Mike says: have to can’t be like, give credit or something? :(

  3. Paul! hello again!, is there a way to subscribe directly by using paypal? the link requires me to add a credit card to my paypal account which i do not intend to. my account has enough balance to pay the yearly subscription.

    • Paul Firth says:

      Hi Jose,

      That link is a direct subscribe though paypal – they’re probably asking you to confirm your account… :)

      Technically it is possible for me to set up a subscription without going through the regular system, but its pretty hard to get right – I don’t want to try and mess it up… Sorry about that! :)

      Cheers, Paul.

  4. Jamie says:

    Hi Paul. I am very new to such intense physics. :/ I do have like one or two simple questions. Could I bother you for like 2 minutes? Email me please. And thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. I intend on getting your source soon enough but the whole bills and eating thing is getting in my way this week aswell 😀 thanks again

  5. What do you have coming up in the next 12 months? As it stands it’d be cheaper to buy the articles I’d like than subscribe. But if I knew what was coming up then it’d be a whole different matter :)

  6. tommi says:

    hello paul,

    i’m thinking about subscribing but i still have one question:
    how do your pay-packages look like? are there further instructions / explanations coming with or is the code and the assets completely raw?
    thank you in advance.

    keep it up (even if till now i only understand /2),

    • Paul Firth says:

      Hi Tommi,

      They are mostly raw; obviously the code has comments in. The article should explain the requirements for building the code at the end of each one?

      Cheers, Paul.

  7. Ashwin says:

    Hi Paul,

    Looking at all your’e codes
    they’re so systematic and secured 100%
    im getting tempted, will get this membership within a week
    thanks Paul for all your’e great codes!


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