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Hacking the monolithic entity system

Hi and welcome back to my blog! This time I’m going to talk about a trick I used on the old PS2 game ’24 The Game’ to save over 30% of a frame by hacking the game’s monolithic entity system. … Continue reading

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I want to help fellow developers

If you’ve just finished your web game or app, you’re probably in full marketing mode trying to get your baby noticed. I know how hard this can be so I wanted to give a little helping hand by hosting a … Continue reading

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How to make games

In this article I’m going to be talking about the process behind actually making, testing and publishing a game. It’s aimed at the absolute beginner but there should be something of interest here for the intermediate level reader as well. … Continue reading

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How to make Angry Birds – part 2

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This is the 2nd part of my series on how to make a game like Angry Birds by Rovio – and its been a while coming… You can read the first part here. … Continue reading

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Speculative Contacts – a continuous collision engine approach

Hello and welcome back to my blog… Today i’m going to talk about a continuous collision detection technique called Speculative Contacts which has been employed in games such as Little Big Planet PS3 and PSP versions. First of all we need to answer … Continue reading

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